The 6 Essential Steps to Developing a Mobile App

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We are an app building company and we get asked a lot of questions regarding the entire mobile app development process. Well, we have decided to create an article to consolidate all questions and answer them as briefly as possible. Read on to find out the essential steps to developing a mobile app.

Getting the Product Specs

The first part of the process would be to ask the client about what they want to incorporate in an application. This is especially true when we are talking about enterprise applications since they are packed with features that help streamline business operations. That being said, the features that are integrated into the app should come from market research about your client’s target demographic. If they are going to release customer-facing apps, then that means that they must adhere to what the people like in a particular application.

Then, our development team will consist of user interface designers, product strategy, senior and junior developers, and in some cases, a dedicated UX designer. From there, we will get all of the product specs based on what the client wants and we will move forward from there.

Giving an Estimate

The keyword there is ‘estimate’ because the app development process, as much as we would like it to be, is not really going to be a smooth process. For the most part, there are challenges that we have to face along the way that may hinder the app’s development- requiring more time for us to complete the project. However, we do our best to give an estimate that we can complete the project in time so that the client will know exactly what to expect.

Signing of the Contracts

Once the app’s specifications have been discussed, the client and the company will now sign the contracts. The first contract would be the NDA or the Non-Disclosure Agreement. This basically assures the client that every information about the application will not be disclosed to different parties other than our own.

The second would be the actual work contract where the details of the application process, the budget, and other pertinent details will be highlighted. This is to safeguard both the app development company and the client.


After the contracts have been signed, then the app building process commences. We follow the agile development model as this helps provide satisfaction for both parties. This method ensures that we closely collaborate with the client; giving them timely updates, as well as what to expect with the final outcome. You could say that the entire agile development process is a transparent one.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The rules of agile development would put it that the team would have to create different prototypes and betas of the application along the way. This is so that rigorous testing can be done along the way so that the final product will be as polished as possible.

App’s Release

The moment you’ve been all waiting for! Once all of the testing is done and the application is polished, then the application will be released to the public and you can now download it from the different app stores.
Of course, our work is never done as we will have to closely monitor the users’ feedback and fix any bugs that come along the way.