Private Cloud Hosting 101

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Private cloud hosting provides the exact same level of scalability, performance and flexibility as
the public cloud. The thing is, it offers an additional layer of security and control. The two
primary methods of private cloud hosting services are in-house, or hosted at the data center of
the provider. Plenty of businesses settle for the second option, since it is more cost-efficient, and
won’t require the services of a full-time IT team just to manage servers.
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Private cloud hosting can be help big-scale businesses in many ways. If you go in-house, you can
experience high levels of security.

  • High Reliability


This type of hosting is highly reliable. There is no chance of your website being brought down
by the other platforms on the network.

  • High level of security


Unlike in public shared hosting, you are not sharing your physical server with other people. Rest
assured that you are in a secured network in multiple levels.

  • Improved customization


Since you are the only person on the server set up, you are allowed to customize it based on your
liking, from its operating system and software to server hardware.
Private cloud hosting service is great for a range of entrepreneurs, but it is not great for everyone.
It is actually very expensive, most especially if you want to go in-house with the private servers.
After the initial fee, you need to prepare for higher costs with regards to server maintenance,
management and upgrades. This is true if you are buying and managing your very own servers.
Furthermore, the heightened security level that it provides can give birth to some problems for
mobile users accessing the server environment, as well as with remote access.