Food You Should Avoid Before Having Sex

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It’s must be nice to have sex after having a packed and stressful week with tons of workloads. Your partner also must feel excited to spend her time cuddling with you. You’ve done your pre-workout before sex, and already consume men’s health multivitamin to make sure your performance will be as awesome as your partner can imagine, but another thing you should consider. 

What You Shouldn’t Eat Before Having Sex

This food can kill your vibration with gas, constipation, and more. Well. Well. Some foods are the ideal aphrodisiac, but others will put a stop to your night. Avoid these mood-busting wrongdoers:


Too much caffeine increases your levels of cortisol which is the hormone of pressure. Increased amounts, as said by Nicole Kasal, a fitness & wellbeing trainer and creator of Cleanse Culture, “make it harder for your body to take it easy, and reduce your sex drive.”

Wine and any alcoholic drinks    

Have you ever watch a rom-com and observe how one of them nearly instantly goes to sleep as quickly as a flirty couple gets a few drinks and dashes into bed? It’s not just a plot line: alcoholic drinks boost your melatonin levels, which is indeed known as the hormone of snooze. “One glass just appears to make you drowsy,” Kasal says. In addition, it can also trigger erectile problems, hinder ejaculation, and raise the likelihood of sexual dysfunction for your partner.

Carbonated drinks 

If you’re susceptible to carbonated water, keep away from tonic water and soft drinks, Dr. Kominiarek recommends. Burping is the last act you want to do on a special night.

Anything that is too salty 

Food that is too salty improve dehydration and constipation. Another setback? Blood circulation is what makes an ejaculation happen and excessive salt would make it harder to get to that point. Examples of salty food such as French fries or movie popcorn or even junk food such as potato chips. 


Have them avoided, particularly after meals. Quick fruit excretes really — a lot faster then you could ever usually eat. Hence, it   can cause cramping, smoke, and physical malaise — signs you don’t want to feel until you get on with it

Crucifix vegetables 

Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale are all foods that contain methane. Just ensure you cooked them very well or they would make you nausea.


The greater your sexual drive-for both men and women-the more testosterone. But excessive amounts of soy can cause hormonal dysfunction in your diet. Prime example: A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that males who eat 120 milligrams or even more of soy per day had a substantial reduction in testosterone.


It’s amazing for kissing but research shows that it can put a strain on your urge and fuel for a speedy stroll. And munching peppermint candy is an additional ball-buster, as you tend to ingest air, leading to more gas. 


So what is it you could eat? Many professionals prefer eggs because they maintain the hormones and support a healthy libido. Dr. Kominiarek indicates something high in zinc such as oysters, pumpkin seeds or omega-3s, like fish and nuts.