eCommerce Website Development Process: Step by Step

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1. Discover the website builder that meets your requirements

There are numerous eCommerce stages available in the markets that are easy to use. Some of the apparatuses are expensive, while others are affordable.

In this way, let’s run down some of the best instruments and their features for your online store development.


The best eCommerce website builder is Shopify. It has huge amounts of features that will help you develop a scalable online store. It can sell items crosswise over numerous social stages like Facebook, Amazon, etc.


Wix is best suited for private companies and new businesses. It has more than 510 templates that suit all genres of business-like games, beauty, etc. Every one of the templates is optimized for mobile use. Other features include including item videos, editor, and easy user-interface.


Another great stage for your eCommerce site is BigCommerce. It creates a scalable site and hasgreat SEO instruments and has a lot more features than its competitors.


With plenty of features with simplified being one of them, it is the easiest stage. The best feature of Weebly is that it lets you create dedicated pages for every one of your items.


The current favorite instrument for developing an online store is Magento. Everywhere throughout the globe, the developer prefers it.

It integrates advertisement, investigation, and content creation, etc. to provide the best user experience.

For what reason to use these instruments for building your online site?

A developer can make a website without any preparation utilizing coding and programming. It will take time, yet the end result is great. Things being what they are, the reason use these instruments?

  • These website building instruments have your site on the internet.
  • It helps you in purchasing a space name.
  • They are secure and have certificates to prove that. It helps to keep the payment getaway and customer details safe.
  • It screens your site consistent with the goal that it runs easily.

Presently, you should be confused about picking the correct stage. Try not to, check with your team, and discover the purpose of your online store. Once you are clear on that, the correct stage will be easier to discover.

2. Test the device

Before you start with the development process, test the device to discover any discrepancies. For a successful online store, this step is significant. To test the e-commerce development stage, you should simply pursue the free preliminary and start exploring.

Here some things to check in the test which will help you locate the correct apparatus:

  • How easy is it to customize the features or alter it?
  • Are the templates/theme provided suit your business? Additionally, check whether it’s easy to choose them or not.
  • How is the route feature, and would you be able to customize it to include sub-menus what not?

You can make a preliminary site and check out all these and other things that you require for your business.

3. Purchase the correct arrangement for your business

Once you have finalized your e-commerce site development stages and tested it, it’s time to choose an arrangement for beginning the development process. Every one of these apparatuses come with numerous plans-free, paid version for the individual and paid version for companies.

As indicated by your need and size of the online store, you should choose the arrangement. A free arrangement of every one of these stages underpins the least selling of items and approaches 15 days.

On the off chance that you need to manufacture an e-commerce store, you need more features and functionalities, which means purchasing the full version. On the off chance that you need a little online store, maybe you can develop it utilizing the free version.

4. Register for an area name

An area name is the piece of URL that has the name of your business. It is critical to have a decent area name as it assembles trust and brand with your consumer.

With the help Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce stage, you can purchase a great area name in around $10-$20 per year.

Here are some stunts and tips for selecting a correct space name for your eCommerce arrangement:

  • Country code: Picking a correct nation code is critical. In the event that you intend to sell your item to just international clients, use a website (.com) area. In the event that is selling to a specific district, then you can use their code. Like Amazon has both .com for US and international consumers and .in for selling just in India.
  • No brand name: Avoid utilizing brand or item name in the URL as it can get you into legal troubles.
  • Unique: The space name ought to be unique, however not all that weird that people think that it’s difficult to look on a search engine.
  • Integrate a keyword: In the space name, include a term that resonates with your business.

The keyword will help you to have a higher position in search engines, which will ultimately get you more traffic and sales.

In the event that you already have a space name, you can interface it with your online store or cancel that agreement.

5. Pick a template for your website

Templates, otherwise called themes, make your site appealing. Most e-commerce stage lets you design and develops your very own site as well, yet that requires coding. In this way, in the event that you need to maintain a strategic distance from that, use these templates.

Here are some tips for picking the correct template:

  • Features you need in your store: Features are the key to a decent website. Thus, conceptualize and decide which feature is more significant for your store. It very well may be mapped, about us page, etc. Make a rundown of features and use it tight down the template.
  • Homepage style: Homepage is the main thing consumers will notice about your e-commerce site. In this way, make sure that the chosen template does justice to it. Based on your business objectives, decide what you need more videos, sliders, single images, etc.
  • Smooth route: The route of the website ought to be simple and helpful. A potential customer will surf through the site for 10-20 seconds if the template’s route feature is weak; it means that they won’t discover what they are searching for easily. It will enhance the bounce rate of the website.

Other than that, check out the text style and shade of the template. It ought to go with your image and ought not to be offensive.