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Private Cloud Hosting 101

Private cloud hosting provides the exact same level of scalability, performance and flexibility as the public cloud. The thing is, it offers an additional layer of security and control. The two primary methods of private cloud hosting services are in-house, or hosted at the data center of the provider. Plenty of businesses settle for the second option, since it is more cost-efficient, and won’t require the services of a full-time IT team just to manage servers.

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Private cloud hosting can be help big-scale businesses in many ways. If you go in-house, you can experience high levels of security.

High Reliability

This type of hosting is highly reliable. There is no chance of your website being brought down by the other platforms on the network.

High level of security

Unlike in public shared hosting, you are not sharing your physical server with other people. Rest assured that you are in a secured network in multiple levels.

Improved customization

Since you are the only person on the server set up, you are allowed to customize it based on your liking, from its operating system and software to server hardware.

Private cloud hosting service is great for a range of entrepreneurs, but it is not great for everyone. It is actually very expensive, most especially if you want to go in-house with the private servers. After the initial fee, you need to prepare for higher costs with regards to server maintenance, management and upgrades. This is true if you are buying and managing your very own servers.

Furthermore, the heightened security level that it provides can give birth to some problems for mobile users accessing the server environment, as well as with remote access.

All the Important Things You Need to Know About Web Hosting

Web hosting is very important if you wish to build your own website. If you do not know what it is, read further to find out all of the important things that you need to know about it.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is where a company (a hosting provider) rents you a space in their servers so that your website can be accessed online.

A web hosting company is a business entity that owns plenty of servers. The money that you pay them is basically rent money so that you can borrow their server’s resources for your website to be ‘hosted’ (aka visible online).

If your website is inaccessible at any point in time, it can be attributed to server problems (but it can also mean other things as well).

Domain and Web Hosting

People lump both of the things together but they are actually completely separate things. I think that is due to the fact that most web hosting companies nowadays also offer domain registration as part of their core services.

Anyway, just think of it this way: your domain is your online address and web hosting just provides you with the lot where you can establish your website. Anyone who wishes to visit your website would have to know your address before they can do so. That being said, a domain name (your online address) should be registered in a domain registrar. However, as previously stated, some companies have their own domain registrar or they are partnered with one so you do not have to think about getting another similar service.

What is Uptime?

In your quest of finding a web hosting provider, you might have noticed the term ‘uptime’ being used. Uptime basically refers to server uptime and that is the time their servers are up. You want a reliable hosting provider that is able to deliver you top-notch performance, especially when it comes to server uptime.

Despite their claims, you want to go with a hosting provider that can promise you at least 95-99% server uptime because any time their servers go down, your website will go along with it.

Now, you might think, ‘why not get a company that promises 100% uptime’? Well, it is virtually impossible. That is because, at the end of the day, servers are just computers (and really powerful ones at that), but their components can fail at any time which means that the company would have to do the necessary maintenance and repair just to keep things in working order again.

Bandwidth and Storage

Both bandwidth and storage are two services that are commonly being offered by web hosting providers. The former just refers to the amount of data that goes to and from your website and storage is basically the amount of storage capacity you are given to store all of your website’s files.

You might come across unlimited offers for both, but you still have to read their terms of service. The reason why companies offer such is that they assume that you are not really going to maximize both services anyway, but if you do, you might incur penalties as a result. It is always good practice to not disregard the terms of service and to read it in its entirety so that you will be aware of everything.

5 Huge Challenges Businesses Face While Migrating to the Cloud

In this day and age, cloud computing technology is being adopted by many entities, mostly businesses. This is so that they can gain a competitive advantage and so that everything is streamlined, mainly because everything can be accessed with the appropriate device and a working internet connection.

However, migrating your data to the cloud could be a tedious process and in today’s post, I will talk about some of the biggest challenges business entities face when they do so.

Privacy and Security

Most businesses nowadays employ advanced security measures from within the company premises but migrating to the cloud may prove to be quite risky, especially if the platform is not known for its security.

You see, once the migration process commences, confidential data could be seen by prying eyes and it could potentially be at risk of being stolen.

Cloud service providers must have service-level agreements or SLA that will ensure both the scalability and availability of security protocols. Otherwise, business owners will be reluctant to migrate their precious data to the cloud without this kind of guarantee.

Availability and Reliability

Since the cloud is only accessed by using an internet connection, not having one would become a huge chore for businesses. Even with the best maintenance personnel handling the task, there might be data outages that happen at any time during the year.

Even more so in data centers that manage cloud servers. How sure are the companies when they look at the availability and reliability of cloud servers when it comes to data outages?


Although cloud service providers typically do not have to worry about data outages or power fluctuations or all of those sort of things, it is still possible that the service can go down abruptly for whatever reason.

Even if the ‘cloud’ solves those problems, it is still possible for any businesses to go down when the service goes down.

This aspect should never be overlooked and the cloud service provider should always inform their clients in the event of a server outage or something like that.

Adoption and Segmented Usage

When cloud computing technology was still relatively new, there is no effective adoption strategy in place yet when it comes to data migration to the cloud. Some problems would include cloud adoption speeds and the lack of data center equipment.

For the most part, businesses mainly used the public cloud for data migration and other similar projects and we all know by now that the particular deployment model is not known for its security.

If cloud computing were to be adopted, the service providers must make sure that security is always there.

Access to Data

The beauty of the cloud is that you can have access to all of your files anytime and anywhere so long as you have a working internet connection.

But, some businesses would question the security of the servers and what the service providers can give them.

Fortunately, those were just the questions of early adopters but the technology has evolved to become so much better ever since.

Reducing Your Web Hosting Cost

Best hosting in Malaysia? Nowadays, people started to begin business online, using with web hosting. It is a great advantage, as a site proprietor, to know the important facts and other things to avoid. You need to choose a web hosting provider that meeting your requirements and giving all what you exactly need.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in ecommerce business, you need to understand that your website is one of your business’ spear points. You need to realize that you will conquer the state of decreasing business expenses is probably the most ideal approaches to get more benefit in business.

Consumer loyalty Level

We certainly need however much bolsters as could be expected from the dealer of any items we purchase from, the capacity to give an exact reactions in convenient way, the amiability in tolerating questions and objections, the polished methodology level in addressing any inquiries or protests, and a lot more part of consumer loyalty services.

The speedier their reaction time to respond to our inquiry or grumblings the better, know about this point since you may require a ton of help from your web hosting provider.

Content Packages

As a internet-based entrepreneur who use site to introducing the item, you should need to the same number of content packages as you can get, so as to satisfy your business forms prerequisites. The more valuable substance bundle you get, the more most effortless you deal with your web based business, or would what you like to do with your site.

Quality of Service

This is a responsibility from the hosting provider to ensure their servers’ base down-time to their clients, the number ordinarily introducing supplier’s server up-time, and in percent (%). The vast majority of hosting provider this day would guarantee their capacity to give you a 99.9% server up-time ensure, this is great since you don’t need your site to vanish from the web excessively long or time after time.


Web hosting service is an exceptionally aggressive business, you will almost certainly locate a major spread of web facilitating costs in the web, a large portion of web hosting service provider will give you a truly moderate cost with the end goal for them to have the option to get by in this field of business. However, a great deal of despite everything them advancing a high cost, asserting that their system is the best in the world.

Why Millennials Need Website Hosting Services

Are you looking for the best web hosting services for your online business? Before making a deal with a reputable agency, do your own research first. At this day and age, almost anything and everything is already online. You really need this to improve your online presence.

1. Start a business.

A successful online business starts with a simple idea. You need to let that idea grow. Strategize well. So, how can you let that idea out in the world? Whether you are promoting a clothing line or a mobile app for disabled people, rest assured that you need a website.

Website hosting is a crucial step in starting and managing a business. It is the service that gets the web pages online, and viewable for target customers.

2. Come up with a resume/personal profile.

Through the WordPress platform, you can build an online profile or resume that can help introduce your brand to people. Customize your website for any kind of theme you want. WordPress is one of the best platforms to use for this, even for part-timers and those with little technical experience.

Website hosting is also good for freelancers like designers and artists. A website developer or designer can showcase his or her skills on a website, and include a portfolio of all the other website he or she created.

3. Start a blog.

Starting a blog may be time consuming, but it can actually deliver rewarding results. If you are really serious about starting your own blog, and get your ideas out there, you need good web hosting services. Feel free to design it your own way. You don’t even need to be an amazing writer, you just need to enjoy sharing your experiences and thoughts. Be passionate, and be open for new knowledge.