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7 Reasons to Wear a Watch

Having run a watch store for quite some time now, I’ve come across people buying wristwatches for a lot of reasons over the years. However, I’ve also noticed that the people who buy watches have declined and that has something to do with smartphones and smartwatches.

Even though some new-age technology exists, it is still best for any person even in this day and age to be wearing a watch. Here are some of the good reasons why you should:

Highly Convenient

One of the reasons why so many people nowadays are not buying traditional watches anymore is that they already own smartphones. But, is it really convenient for you to fish out your phone from the pocket or purse just to tell the time? And, add to that the possibility of dropping your phone just by doing that.

With a watch, it is firmly secured on your wrist and you can easily tell the time just by looking at your wrist.

Helps You Gain Respect

Wear any luxury watch and you will instantly gain the respect of your peers. That is because if you buy such a timepiece with your own money, it will tell other people how well you’ve worked hard for it.

You Can Fish Some Compliments

To further add to the previous point, if you are wearing an elegant watch, you will always gain some compliments from others. It can instantly tell them that you have impeccable taste and a good eye for design.

You Respect the Craftsmanship

Most, if not all, of the smartphones that you see on the market, are all created using machines to help automate the entire process.

Although there are also some watches that are created using the same procedure, there are some that are carefully put in place by hand.

A skeleton watch, for example, is a timepiece that reflects the amazing craftsmanship that goes into creating a really good watch.

You Have Style

A man can only wear a few things that are deemed socially-acceptable and a watch is one of them. Wearing a really good watch that complements your overall look will tell others that you have an amazing style.

It Can Be an Heirloom Piece

There is a reason why you can still buy mechanical watches today and that is because the craftsmanship that goes with it can truly stand the test of time.

Despite the fact that they are a bit cumbersome to use (simply because you have to manually wind the mechanism every day for it to accurately tell the time), when given proper care, a good mechanical watch can last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation if you want.

It is Part of a Long Tradition

New technology will always come our way but the thing is that wearing a watch has been a longstanding tradition that has spanned across many centuries now. Do you really want to break that tradition?

Basic Watch Buying Guide: 4 Basic Tips That Can Help You

A watch is an important accessory that every person is expected to wear. A person who wears timepieces on a regular basis can be considered meticulous, and attentive to details. Whether you are a businessman or artist, you must not ignore the importance of wearing a watch.

Are you thinking of getting a new watch anytime soon? Wearing one can help you make a good impression, and improve your personality. So, how can you choose the best watch? There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia that you can choose from, so pick carefully.

Here are 4 tips that can help you.

1. Check the watch band.

Most timepieces can be bought with leather or metallic bands. The most popular leather watch straps are made of basic leather, crocodile leather and alligator leather. Those made with metal include silver-coated, stainless steel and bronze-coated bands. Your choice will depend on your own tastes and preferences, as well as your budget. The most practical choice here is something that you can wear on both on casual and formal occasions.

2. Consider your body size.

The right watch would also depend on your body type. If you are big in size, a timepiece of standard size will surely make you appear childish. Meanwhile, a huge watch will look weird if you have a small built. Pick one that can highlight your own personality. For those with small stature, the best decision is to settle with a standard-sized timepiece.

3. Check whether you want an analog or digital watch.

A digital watch comes with a beautiful LED display that shows the time in numerical format. This timepiece is often regarded as casual and sporty. If you want a more formal vibe, go for an analog watch. A traditional watch has minute and hour hands, and a smaller hand to measure seconds.

Whether your style is, pick the watch that satisfies all your needs. Analog timepieces are loved by many because they provide a vast range of options. They are also classier and more elegant.

4. Think about the brand that you want.

Some people have tons of money that they can afford all types of watches. If you are on a budget, get a versatile piece that you can wear both during formal and casual occasions. However, if you want a timepiece that you can pass down to your kids and grandkids, you obviously need to invest more.

The Best Trail Running Watches for Adventurers

1. Coros Apex

With its accurate GPS, elevation tracking and long battery, this is an excellent timepiece for trail running. For many people, it is even better than the popular Suunto and Garmin running watches.

While it doesn’t have that much features, it has the most reliable core GPS features for trail running, and is more affordable. Soon, an update in its software would let users upload their routes to a cool breadcrumb map for better navigation.

2. Polar Vantage 5

Are you thinking of getting a casual watch in Malaysia? Well, if you are a fitness enthusiast and outdoor lover, you may want to get a running watch, too. Polar’s Vantage 5 is a great option. It has the most accurate, efficient heart rate monitor available in the market. It may lack some additional features, but it is still a good trail running timepiece to invest on.

3. Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series is one of the best running watches out there. If you are willing to spend quite a big amount of money, this one is worth the investment. This piece takes pride on its long battery life and trail running features. It is also stylish enough to be worn on any occasion. Aside from monitoring metrics such as cadence, time, distance and pace, it also offers color topo maps in order to help users find their way around.

4. Garmin Forerunner 935

If you think the cost of the Fenix 5 is daunting, go for the Forerunner 935 instead. It is more affordable compared to the Fenix 5, but it has almost the same exact features. Strong battery life, elevation tracking, uploadable routes and basic mapping make this a good trail running watch.

5. Suunto 9 Baro

A lot of running watches take pride in having a strong battery life, but not timepiece can ever beat the Suunto 9 Baro in this aspect. This watch is also quite expensive, but you can feel confident that its battery life can surely last around 25 to 125 hours. It is an amazing timepiece you can wear for 100-milke races, as well as long-distance endurance events.

Men’s Watch Guide of 2019

Even though we now live in a world that other devices can now tell the time as well, traditional watches still hold a place on your wrist regardless. There are so many reasons why you’d want to invest in a good watch. For one, they add instant style points no matter what you are wearing. Second, it helps you tell the time and it is much more convenient at that than whipping out your mobile phone from your pocket, among a whole list of other reasons.

If you are going to buy a luxury watch, there are a couple of key points that you need to remember. First is that you can never go wrong with a Swiss watch. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and others are always worthy watch investments.

The second is that you must look at the watch lugs and make sure that it doesn’t have any sharp edges. Sharp watch lugs are a sign of poor craftsmanship and should be avoided at all times.

Also, make sure that your watch has some level of water resistance or at least it is water-resistant for 50 meters. Even though you are not generally going to swim that far, the fact that it can be used underwater makes the watch an appealing accessory to use when swimming.

With those things out of the way, here are some of my watch recommendations of 2019:

Audemars Piguet

The company’s Royal Oak line is the world’s first steel-cased luxury sports watch in the world. If you are into that kind of accessory, then I highly recommend that you look at Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches.

Ball Watch Co

Another brand that you can trust when it comes to sturdy watches, Ball Watch Co has an interesting advertising scheme where they will first introduce their watches on their own Facebook page. People can then preorder their watches from the product page itself and I have to say that it is actually working in their favor.

Anyway, there are many watches that you can try from this brand. One is the Engineer Master II Diver TMT as it has been deemed by GQ as one of the best divers watch of 2018.

Baume & Mercier

This company makes one of the sexiest chronograph watches in existence. Look at their Clifton Club Burt Munro Tribute watch and tell me if that isn’t sexy.


The company since had a new boss in Georges Kern back in 2017. Along with his renowned vigor and focus come new endorsers and products. I suggest that you take a look at the Navitimer 8 Super 8 B20. It has a unidirectional bezel that kind of hangs over the main case. The watch is also filled with Lume that is perfect for pitch-black scenarios.

How luxury Watch Collectors show off their Precious Investments

For many watch enthusiasts and collectors, wearing a watch is an expression character and taste. There are some collectibles, after all, that a person can wear anytime and anywhere, and at the same time represent his own sartorial sensibilities.

Even through digital watches and smartphones have supplanted the wristwatch as a popular time- telling tool for several people, the traditional timepiece still has its own prestige. You can collect thousands of things in your entire life, but watches are still brilliant things to collect since you yourself can wear them.

Watches are a reflection of wealth.

Mr. Tanenbaum started his collection around 20 years ago with vintage Rolex models. He obsesses over the stylistic quirks and intricacies of hands, crowns and bezels. Not only that. He even marvels on the complicated watch movements that monitor everything from the time, moon phases and date, with precision accuracy. For him, everything about a watch is absolutely mind- blowing.

Just like Mr. Tanenbaum, many watch collectors have brand preferences, and are willing to spend big amounts of money just to get a rare watch model. Clearly, it is a direct reflection of wealth.

Do you remember that time when Paul Newman’s now legendary Rolex Daytona was sold for millions of dollars? That time, we saw the demand for iconic watches sold by luxury brands such as Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Audemars Piguet.

The competition for rare timepieces increases the prices.

Are in the market for luxury and designer watches in Malaysia? You may want to settle for rare timepieces, since these are considered as the most valuable timepieces. You won’t even have a problem browsing through catalogs! More and more watchmakers are now building their own ecommerce platforms to reach out to clients more effectively. The result? More people can buy luxury watches that they can talk about during dinner parties. When attending a formal event, all you can do is look around, and check who has the most impressive and extravagant wrist adornment, from those with historical significance to limited editions.

Those who can afford are continuously competing to have the rarest, finest and best watches.

Wearing a Watch with Style: The Top Tips for Styling a Men’s Watch

Did you simply purchase another watch? Considering how to wear it with style? Look at this manual to getting familiar with the top tips for styling a men’s watches.

Indeed, ladies really see your watch. It’s something that they’re utilizing to evaluate whether you have style. 

It’s not as significant how a lot of cash you spent on the watch on your wrist. They need to know whether you realize how to style it.

Styling a men’s watch can be simple on the off chance that you know a couple of basic stunts. Try not to give your watch a chance to be the explanation a lady chooses not to say greetings. 

Men’s Watch Styling Tips: It’s Time

Wearing watches is on the ascent. In the event that your wrist is uncovered, at that point, you’re not with the occasions. What’s more, when you get that men’s watch, you’re going to need to realize how to style it.

Consider the Whole Effect

You can’t simply slap a watch on your wrist and believe you’re ready. Utilize your watch to supplement different extras in your outfit. For instance, if your ring is silver, a silver watch band function admirably with it.

Negligible Is Better

At the point when you’re sprucing up, the clothing regulation can be somewhat dubious. Think the less complex the better.

Try not to streak around an excessively affected watch since you’re setting off to an uncommon event. A refined and basic watch will combine well with your increasingly extravagant garments, so it doesn’t seem as though you’re making a decent attempt. 

It very well may Be Too Big

Truly, greater isn’t in every case better. On the off chance that you wear a watch face that is too huge for your wrist, it’s obvious that you don’t have a clue how to style a watch.

Most retailers will give you estimations for what functions admirably with your body. Focus on them, or endure the outcomes later.

The Right Sleeves

The length of your sleeves matters. On the off chance that your sleeves are excessively short, your watch is going to stand apart more than you’d like and shout: Hello, I’m wearing a watch.

Your sleeves should cover around 85 percent of your watch when you have your arm held out straight. At the point when you twist your arm, that is the ideal opportunity for your watch to sparkle.

Under, Not Over

Talking about not having your watch show too clearly, never wear your watch over your sleeve. 

You can wear a watch with a short-sleeved shirt, however, ensure the watch is increasingly easygoing to coordinate your progressively easygoing style.

In case despite everything you’re standing by to really get that watch that you’ve been imagining about, see increasingly here. Time is running out for you to at long last get in style.

Watch It: Style Is Important

Presently you’re good to go on the best way to style a men’s watch. In any case, since you realize how to do that, it doesn’t mean you’re good to go on your other style.

On the off chance that you realize how to style a watch, you’re fit as a fiddle. Try not to overlook the other preparing propensities and style prompts you should focus on, however.

A watch can go far with regards to increasing your style. At the point when you have everything together, you’ll look and feel extraordinary.