6 Least Useful Baby Products

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1. Air purifier

An air purifier can be used to drive away particles like pet hair, pollen and dust in a room. It can also be used to eliminate harmful airborne. A lot harmful compounds can be found at different items such as varnishes, paint, air fresheners, cigarette smoke and some other products used for cleaning. However, many people still think that air purifiers are not completely necessary. The alternative? Just clean your house regularly.

2. Bottle warmers

Are you thinking of buying new milk bottle warmers and cute baby milk bottles in Malaysia? Maybe, as of now, it’s best to remove milk bottle warmers from your list, and just buy milk bottles. Those are used to warm expressed milk and formula cartons, but clearly, there is a cheaper alternative. Using an equipment like this is not required in heating milk.

3. Nappy stacker

Nappy stackers are created to be stylish, convenient holders for baby diapers. In reality, however, several parents don’t find it useful. You can just use an ordinary bag or box to organize nappies.

4. Electric breast pump

Electric breast pumps are useful for many, but some moms still think that these devices are not worth the cash. There really is no use in purchasing an electric breast pump. You can manage well even without one. If you are thinking of the possibility in using one for more convenience, consider renting one occasionally.

5. Cot mobile

Some parents use cot mobiles to help their babies fall asleep. Many of these items play soothing music. However, there are people who consider them as a hindrance, instead of help. If you want to create a safe, comfortable sleeping environment for your child, it’s best to look somewhere else.

6. Baby washing bowls

These bowls usually have to compartments in order to keep flannels and water separate when washing your baby. It is not expensive at all, but two little plastic bowls will do just as well.