6 Hidden Gems that You Can Find in Kuala Lumpur

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Most of the things that you want to find can be searched using Google and other search
engines. Before reading this article, you might have searched for the best spots to visit
in Kuala Lumpur which is also probably the reason why you’ve stumbled upon this article.

Sure, there are more commonly known tourist spots in the city, but Kuala Lumpur is so
diverse in what it can offer that there are some gems that are hidden amidst all the
things that you can find in Malaysia.

For instance, who would’ve thought that this amazing city also provides you with some
really high-class girl escorts? I know I haven’t thought of that, but I am surprised that
you can find plenty in Malaysia’s capital city.

Apart from that, what other hidden gems do this city offer? Read on to find out.

Merchant’s Lane

Petaling Street in Chinatown is quite a busy place and although you can find a lot of
cheap knock-offs here, that is actually not the reason why I’ve mentioned the place.

There are so many hidden gems that you can find in the area- one of which is a café
known as the Merchant’s Lane.

To find this café, the best thing that you can do is to ask the locals for directions. If you
want to find it yourself, just look for a huge turquoise door which should lead you to the
said place.

Anyway, this brothel-turned-café serves some really interesting dishes that marry
Eastern and Western flavors. I definitely recommend that you try their Italian Chow Mein
or ‘The Mistress’ which is a special fries and burger combo that will surely fill your
tummy up in no time.

Famous Chicken Wings

Jalan Alor is a long city strip that serves some flavorful dishes at affordable prices.
Although you can get lost in a sea of various food options, find Wong Ah Wah’s stall so
that you can sample some of his amazing chicken wings.

You shouldn’t have a hard time finding his stall mainly because there are plenty of
people that come here on a nightly basis.

I’ve tried so many chicken wing recipes in my life, but I always keep coming back to
Wah’s recipe.

Dazzling Lights

Head to Dataran Merdeka to find structures that are well-illuminated by dazzling nights.
The good thing is that it actually lights up every night so you do not have to be looking
at the calendar to catch a glimpse of it.

The Wonderland

If you want to treat your whole family to some amazing rides, head to the
99 Wonderland Park in Selayang which was opened just this year.
It has a bevy of fun rides including the 99 cruise, the 99 jetty, and their infamous 12
Zodiac Walkway.

Welcome to the Jungle

Despite the many towering structures that you can find in Kuala Lumpur, the local
government has made amazing decisions to preserve their natural forest reserves.

That being said, if you are a nature lover, I definitely recommend that you visit the KL
Forest Eco Park. This is a great recreational space that allows you to free your mind
and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Dine at the Sky

To cap things off, if you want to have an exhilarating dinner experience, I would vouch
for Dinner in the Sky.

As the name suggests, you along with 20 other people will be dining in the sky. How
high? Your huge table will be suspended 40 meters up high so if you have a fear of
heights, you might want to skip this.

Anyway, you will be given a complete 3-course menu and although this is expensive at
RM399 per person, it is still one memorable experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.