6 Casino Games with the Lowest House Advantage

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1. Craps

House edge starts at 5% to 1.4%

There is no doubt that craps is one of the best online casino games in Thailand. It is popular not only for those people who go down the physical casino, but also for those who love to gamble online. This game provides one of the lowest house advantages there is. The don’t come/don’t pass bets have a house advantage of only 1.4%.

2. Blackjack (Single Deck)

House edge starts at 5% to 1.5%

If it is your first time in a casino, look for a single deck game to increase your chances of winning. Why not play a single deck blackjack? With proper bankroll management and basic strategy, your chances of winning are instantly boosted.

3. Caribbean Stud Poker

House edge starts at 5%

While you can play the same hand together with other players, in Caribbean stud poker, the casino is the only opponent you must beat here. Place an ante bet, and then check the dealer’s up facing card. Do this before deciding if it is worth placing another bet. Don’t forget that this game has an additional feature–the jackpot bet.

4. Roulette (Single Zero)

House edge starts at 2.5%

If people at Vegas love craps, then at the other side of the Atlantic, roulette is the top game. This specific game has a bigger player edge when played on the wheel’s single zero version. The mathematical concept behind this is simple. On straight bets, the game plays 35-1, but the wheel numbers climb to 37. Thus, the house advantage on the double zero roulette rises.

5. Slots

House edge starts 2% to 10%

Slot machine payouts are not as high as other casino table games. However, slots are still considered as the kings of online casinos. Slot machine suppliers are constantly incorporating more features like jackpots, bonus rounds and free spins.

6. Baccarat

House Edge starts 1.5%

If you don’t want tons of action around the casino table, go for baccarat. Playing baccarat means less action and more strategy. In this game, punters can only pick to bet on tie, banker or player. Baccarat implements rigid rules when it comes to card distribution. Your best bet? The player. This is because the banker bet requires a fee.